The Trinary system of Adamastos has been exploited for resources for centuries, particularly the heavy concentrations of Adamantium.

Planets or Phenomena of Note:Edit

The Shattered BeltEdit

Type: Planetary Debris

Population: None

Government: None

Technology: None

Military: None

Defenses: None

Features of Note:

  • High level of ship-based mining
  • planetoids constantly formed and destroyed by system's stars and Adamastos Prime

Adamastos PrimeEdit

Type: Gas Giant

Population: Minor Orbital

Government: AdMech Priesthood

Technology: Advanced Imperial

Military: None

Defenses: Minor Orbital

Features of Note:

  • Sole planet of system
  • Carbon Dioxide Atmosphere
  • Three orbital research stations

System Notes and Factional ClaimsEdit

Adeptus Mechanicus Resource SystemEdit

Patrol Frequency: Routine

System Hazards

  • Navigation Warning: Auger distortion
    • Expect false auger contacts due to solar radiation and debris

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