Believed to be one of the original human settlements in the sector, Alferi Verum's sole planet and namesake holds an impossibly perfect orbit around the twin stars that form the system's heart. Many techpriests of the Adeptus Mechanicus believe an intact STC exists deep within the hive world's lost areas, dedicating their lives to the exploration of the world's depths.

Planets or Phenomena of Note:Edit

Alferi VerumEdit

Type: Hive World

Population: Massive Human

Government: Elected Planetary Governor

Technology: High Imperial

Military: PDF, Imperial Guard

Defenses: Orbital Defense Stations, Docks, and Lunar-based defenses

Features of Note:

  • This planet's twin moons are both colonized and host oxygen atmospheres

System Notes and Factional ClaimsEdit

Imperial Hive SystemEdit

Patrol Frequency: Omnipresent

System Hazards

  • None