There are many missions one could possibly undertake at any one time, but this one is yours.

Paxia InfiltrationEdit

  • Primary Objective - [Complete!] Gather information on the alleged route into Corgus from Paxia, specifically the coordinates.
  • Secondary Objectives:
    • Gather information on the systems discovered in Corgus and their coordinates.
    • Scout the known systems that have been discovered
    • ?See how your family is doing in Paxia since you left?
      • Synne and Alica have been contacted!
    • Turn a profit

Mission Resources:Edit

  • 5 Wealth from Lord Wilson
    • 20 spent on information from Nan Pendert
    • Nan Pendert's list of Contacts [Paxia]
      1. Captain Carmen Dergo 
      2. Captain Erik Velant
    • 75 spent on joining Imperial Navy / Celentis Dynasty convoy into Corgus
  • Captain Morix, her ship, and the 100 Wealth Lord Wilson provided to her.
    • 75 spent on joining Imperial Navy / Celentis Dynasty convoy into Corgus

Information gained toward Objectives:Edit

  • Imperial Navy charts with coordinates for the passage through 'the corridor'
  • Corgus imports massive quantities of supplies and exports are extremely rare.
  • Adeptus Mechanicus has claimed a swathe of systems and has founded a forge world.
  • A system of pleasure worlds has been claimed and is turning minor profits.
  • Small collection of cargo manifests for transports heading to 'Celentis' system [Celentis Dynasty]
  • 72 False routes into Corgus.
  • Identification information on Imperial Navy patrol group 'Torchbearer'

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