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Planets or Phenomena of Note:Edit

Dvarph (Feophe II)Edit

Type: Forge World

Population: Massive Human

Government: AdMech Priesthood

Technology: Advanced Imperial

Military: Skitarii

Defenses: Orbital shipyards, docks, and stations

Features of Note:

  • Ancient subterrainian tunnels and cities
  • heaviest orbital defenses in sector
  • domed cities due to pollution

Feophe IIIEdit

Type: Mining World

Population: Average Human

Government: AdMech Priesthood

Technology: High Imperial

Military: Skitarii Legions

Defenses: Orbital Dock and Stations

Features of Note:

  • primary source of minerals for Dvarph's forges
  • thin, polluted atmosphere
  • abundant xenos lifeforms

System Notes and Factional ClaimsEdit

Adeptus Mechanicus Forge SystemEdit

Patrol Frequency: Adeptus Mechanicus Fleet Base and primary repair system for Imperial Navy

System HazardsEdit

  • Privateer's Warning! Advanced Augers!
    • The Adeptus Mechanicus reserves the most powerful augers for it's own fleet and stations. Do not expect to slip thru this system unnoticed