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Planets or Phenomena of Note:Edit

Bethune's RockEdit

Type: Airless Mining World

Population: Minor human

Government: None

Technology: Low Imperial

Military: None

Defenses: Minor Orbital Dock

Features of Note:

  • six moons
  • 3 large mining sites

Vorbis BeltEdit

Type: Asteroid Belt

Population: None

Government: None

Technology: None

Military: None

Defenses: None

Features of Note:

  • Dominant feature of system
  • Mobile mining operations roam the asteroids
  • Planetoid sized asteroids are common
  • Largest exploited source of ice in the Corgus Sector

System Notes and Factional ClaimsEdit

Adeptus Mechanicus Resource SystemEdit

Patrol Frequency: Routine

System HazardsEdit

  • Navigation Warning: Celestial Debris
    • Vorbis Belt asteroids known to have erratic orbits


  • Rumored to be the final resting place of Rogue Trader Vordan Galia's Frigate, Verdant Ethos

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