Explored by: Wilson's Wolfpack

Wilson's RefugeEdit

Star: Vigorous

Inner Cauldron:Edit

No Features

Primary Biosphere:Edit


Divided up land of Wilson's Refuge.


Planet - Wilson's RefugeEdit

  • Body: Vast
  • Gravity: High
  • Atmosphere: Moderate, Pure
  • Climate: Temperate
  • Habitability: Verdant Ecosystem
  • Resources:
    • Exotic Material - Unidentified Material [One sample located, Anti-gravity?]
    • Ornamental - Gold [Rivers in southern Aurex Holdings]

Features of Note:

  • Gravitational anamoly detected near Camp Anawanna.
  • Gold deposits exist in territory claimed by Percius.

Asteroid BeltEdit

  • Resources:
    • Industrial Metals - Significant (Ferric)
    • Ornamental - Limited (Silver)

Outer Reaches:Edit

Gas GiantEdit

  • Body: Gas Dwarf
  • Gravity: Weak
  • Features:
    • Lesser Moon

Gas GiantEdit

  • Body: Gas Dwarf
  • Gravity: Strong
  • Features:
    • Planetary Rings (Dust)

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