Percius Aurex's crew is a motley collection of pirates.

Percius' FollowersEdit

'Le Chapeau Noir'Edit


Loot Divisions:Edit

  • Crew/Ship Expenses: 25%
  • Officers' Cuts: 60%
  • Captain Hariso's Cut: 5%
  • Percius Aurex's Cut: 10%

Notable Crew:Edit

  • Aurex's Originals
  • Alica Aurex - Captain of [Transport]
  • Synne Aurex - Something about learning to make bombs with Keller... and now she's talking to Miss Noda... Was it wise to bring sweet Synne into this life?
  • Armswoman Terina - Member of the 'Rookies', she was noticed by Percius Aurex during a ground expedition.
  • Armsman Hugh Edwards - Member of the 'Rookies', he helped Percius Aurex fell the tank-beast.
  • Tiereea - A 'savage' woman found among the officers' quarters of HMS Conquest. Supposedly kept to be sold as an exotic consort to some Brinican noble, she has revealed to Captain Aurex that she in fact has been learning gothic while her captors thought her to be simple and uneducated. 

Specialist Crew:Edit

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