View of Sector Paxia's 5 Imperial systems, the surrounding local systems, and the warp lanes that connect them.

Located above the galactic plane and neighboring both Sector Corgus and Sector Deus, Paxia is sparsely populated and has only a handful of habitable worlds. It has a relatively strong Imperial Navy presence for it's population due to the value of strategic mineral resources in the uninhabited systems of the sector.

Populated SystemsEdit

  • Steward's Gate - Imperial Navy stronghold and anchorage, rumored Gateway to Sector Corgus from Paxia. This system is also the nearest to Sector Deus.
  • Brinica Prime - Hive world and seat of the Sector Governor for the last six generations.
  • Garenthis - Homeworld of the Aurex family. Heart of a massive, multi-system mining operation to pay the world's tithe to the Imperium.
  • Barivia - Homeworld of Elise Eberhardt. A mountainous Agri world, Barivia's twin moons contain seas and host a healthy supply of edible life.
  • Ferinox - A sparsely populated world due to only several decades of settlement. This world is notable for the massive forests that spawl across it's surface.

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